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Cayman 2012

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What kind of permits do u need to need to dive fish for lobsters. Just a fishing license? Looks like a ton of fun


in BC - if we want crab (we dont have lobster in the Pacific Northwest... only crab... we need a fishing licence - 4 per person/day. The Shell has to be 6" for Dungeness) or 4" for Red-Rock across the shell. You can only talk males.

In Cayman - you're only allow to go for lobster when the season is open (Dec - Feb I think) - and you can only catch them FREE Diving (breath-hold) - NO scuba

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Very nice. :oregonian_winesmiley: Looks like a good dive trip, nice pics. Our diving in recent years has gone down with the little one, so a few weeks ago I sold (ebay) my housing and strobes (Ikelite) for my Canon 5d. Gonna use the money to upgrade the GPS to the Garmin 5208, i figure it's a good trade, I also hate to see good gear sit around. Can't wait till the little one can get certified, then it will be back on the diving road again. Until then, we'll start her out snorkeling. :banana2:

Cracks me up that they're trying to kill off all the Lionfish.....not gonna happen. Some friends of our were diving down in the keys a few weeks ago and the DM killed over 50 on one dive. I'm afraid Lionfish are here to stay. It'll be interesting to see what the longterm effects will be.


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Ya - they have full on "Culls".... 10-15 divers running the walls spearing them - brining up as many as they can and feeding the rest to the Snappers & Eels....

they're doing a pritty good job....

not sure what the long term effects will bring - time will tell :)

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