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My New Boat and my 2010 215

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After last summer, the Admiral said we need a bigger boat! So, after much looking this winter and a few seatrials, I found and loved a super clean, low hour, 1999 Searay 290 twin which will be in my hands in mid-April. Compared to Chaps, she is more like a 310 with beam of 10' - 7", loa of about 31' and displacing 10500 dry.

Sadly, the dealer is taking the 215 for consignment sale next week. I will miss her, but am definitely looking forward to more comfortable cruising capabilities.

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Man I am quickly becoming the lone 215 owner. That is a nice step up. I have wrestled going bigger, as we boat on the river and it would be nice. My biggest concern is the big family vacation happens in Northern MN on a secluded fishing lake that is about 2500 acres and my boat is already nicknamed the Queen Mary up there. If I go bigger I will start running out of options for docking it as the fishing docks already strain to keep my boat shored. I have looked at a 235 and like them but is it worth the investment to step up that small. Especially as I have this boat just the way the family likes it. I would like to do more overnighters and I think the wife would to if she felt the comfort of a bigger cuddy.

At any rate keep us posted how the new ride treats ya maybe it will help me step up. My dream boat right now would be a 265SSi. That seems like it would be perfect on the river and lake MI.

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After first summer with my 99 searay 290, here's an update on how I like the boat and how different it is from my 215.

First of all, I just got the word this week that my 215 is nearly sold and deal should close this week. I had worked with the local dealer on consignment and they got no results all summer, so I switched to a Searay dealer I met up in Bellingham a couple weeks ago and they really marketed the boat very well and got fast results. The local chap dealer has some work to do to more effectively sell consignment boats.

So, it looks like my 215's next life will be a lake union runabout for a nice couple. For all you 215 owners, the Searay sales guy who conducted the seatrial told me that the 215's quality, handling and performance was outstanding and the boat literally sold itself.

OK, I love the new cruiser. I do miss how easy and quick it was to get the 215 out on the water, the good looks and fuel efficiency, and the ease of starting a fuel injected engine, but the larger boat is better in every way we use the boat.

First, and most important, the Admiral loves the layout and the seaworthiness of the boat, as well as the vacuflush. It handles heavier seas much better. Overnighting with 2 couples is very comfortable. I love having 2 engines. The spacious and well laid out cockpit makes a great happy hour venue at our float without leaving the dock. We leave the strataglass (much better than eisenglass) and canvas forward of the radar arch in place all the time and use the windshield vent for warm day cooling. I love the port and starboard gangways for accessing the bow - no messing with canvas to walk thru a windshield. An aft mooring cover quickly encloses the cockpit and combined with engine heat, makes for comfortable cold weather cruising, and keeps the rain out at the dock. I love having propane cooktop for cooking - since we're on batteries when on anchor (ahhh, it's nice to have a windlass). Also, my mechanic rigged a cool system for freshwater flushing the raw water system (engines are closed cooling) while the boat is at the dock in the water. She will also quietly cruise on plane (with full tabs) as low as 3200 rpm at 17 ktsph burning about 16 gph which is nice for social outings. I do need to conduct some speed trials to find best overall mpg efficiency which I suspect is probably more like 30 kts. So, bigger is better!

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