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Hello all,

New to this site, and Chaparral boats in general, but looking for some info. I am looking to buy a 1988 Chapparal 178xl with the 3.0 Mercruiser inboard. It is a project boat, but the price is hard to pass up. Problem is I can't find any Manuals on it. I looked in the "INFO" section before posting this but with no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info, and I am looking forward to posting, and joining the Community. :banana2:

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Hi and welcome to the group and potentially a special welcome to the Vintage Chaparral Owners group!

When doing my restoration, I found some of the manuals on eBay but there are also many available through various sharing sites online. One such site....


They have a search function. Just enter the word Mercruiser and it should net you a few PDF files.

I also found a good source of general information to be the Clymer Shop Manual, publication #B742, which covers the 1986-1994 Alpha One, Bravo One, Two and Three series of Mercruiser drives as well as the 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. These manuals can be purchased on eBay and many marine dealers also stock them..

And don't be shy about asking questions here on the forum. There is a wealth of experience among the members here and they are more than willing to share their knowledge with you. They don't charge much......just always asking for pictures!!!

Again, welcome and good luck on your project boat!

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The manuals in the info area pretty much suck. Check the brochure archive for at least a picture of the boat. That will give you an idea of were you are headed for the project. Engine manuals can be found as Rich has indicated.

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OK, Going to go Look at a 1988 178XL this weekend. Any Clues I should look for that will let me know if it is a good deal or not? Here is I know so far.

Floor is bad

Needs a paint job (or at least a good waxing)

Has been sitting for the last 5 yrs

Engine has about 50 hours on it.

The Guy I am getting it from Wants $450 but only because I am a friend of a friend.

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The only strange thing is one with windshield. If engine and outdrive are OK, you will restore it. It would need another 1.5-2 of grands for cushions, floor, carpet, etc. Gelcoat will shne like new after polishing.

Guys who is selling it probably hated boats and Chaparral particularly:)

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