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boarding ladder replacement

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Ugh. This is a double embarresing issue. I recently bought a 27' 2000 signature, on my second voyage, I got the boarding ladder caught in the port prop and it bent the ladder (prop had no damage). It will not calapse so I thought I would remove it and just get a replacement since bending back probably wouldn't work. Well, I removed it from the swim platform instead of just removing the screws that attach the ladder to the mount. What I didn't realize is that there is a cavaty in the swim platform where the nuts for the ladder mount are. I tried to reach back there to see if I could grab the nuts and find the mounting holes, but I can't. Even if I can find a replacement ladder, I don't know how to mount it now. Any suggestions?

Oh, in the meantime I filled the holes with silicone so water wouldn't pour into the boat.

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well, I tried to have my 3-step swapped out for a 4-step and ran into a similar issue. The dealer solutionn was to cut in an access port about 4" diameter between the ladder mounts and seal it w/ 5200. I decided against it but if i were in your situation i would probably opt for that option, reaching back that far is impossible.

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Here is what I had to do...

I had to remove the water heater and the bilge blower so I could get far enough back so I could reach the screws to get the nuts threaded. Once that was done (about 4 hours of messing around), I could use my home made socket wrench extension that was a 5 foot copper pipe and a breaker bar (used electrical tape to make the breaker bar a little thicker so it would stay inside the pipe). Then it was easy to tighten them down and get the boat back together. Was not a fun project and I recommend not removing the brackets on these boats and find the original ladder and just replace the ladder part only at the hinge.


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