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Hey all-

I have a 09' signature 280. It's really weird from time to time, the exterior lights stop working. (The front running lights, the top 2 white lights on the pole, and the back white light on the back of the boat). Every time i tell the marina they say it was just a fuse, but seems like on my boat its just those (at the risk of your mind wondering) those little rubber nipples. And if they are soft, the fuse is not popped (or relay, not sure of the right term here), Like when my radio just stopped the other day, i found the rubber nipple that said stereo on it, and it was hard, so i pressed it back in and Whalah, the radio started working again.


Where are the rubber nipples or fuses relays or whatever the proper term is for them, for all the exterior lights.? I have tried all the ones under the steering wheel and none of those do the trick, and i have tried the few where you turn on/off your house batter (knob) back by the back door(inside that little door). I keep asking the marina where they are just tripping my lights back on and they still haven't told me, so figured i'd ask you guys (My Chap partners in crime)... Right now, my front (red/green) work, on the top of the boat, only half of the pole lights work (the pole has 2 white lights on each side of a square housing and only one is lit up), and the back white light is completely out again.

Would love to know where these breakers are, so just in case i am out on the water at night and they all go out, i know where to flip them back on (hopefully not being a blown bulb), but they have fixed this issue about 3 times already and said it wasn't the bulb once, just the breaker...

Sorry for such a long post for a quick question ("Where are the breakers for the outside navigation lights (preferably the back white one))?

Thanks so much! and hope you enjoyed my lack of terminology and references to soft rubber nipples. ;) Just need to find that one hard one i guess for the back white light, but can't find it!!! If anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!


2009 Signature 280

Twin Volvo Penta


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In my boat, the circuit breaker for the navigation and anchor lights is at the helm at the circuit breaker panel inside a small door. It is labelled "NAV/ANCH" and it is the far starboard(right) one on the bottom row.

If only one light is out, that circuit breaker is not tripped, since all the lights would be out.

Your anchor light that is out may have a blown bulb, or a loose connection. Mine likes to go out sometimes as it seems Chaparral attached my anchor light pole mount into the hull backwards. If I wiggle mine around it little, it starts working.

If your circuit breaker pops all the time, there is a short somewhere. I have a short in my red navigation light. When it gets hot (metal expands, metal touches, causing a short), all the lights go out when the circuit breaker pops, and it won't reset since the short keeps popping the breaker. Very annoying.

Couple of minor points. It's not a fuse, it is a circuit breaker. Some call it a "pop" breaker. The rubber nipples are just to keep water out, there is a little plastic button in there that you are trying to push back in. Sometimes they don't pop all the way, so you have to push deep in the center of that little rubber nipple.

And they are not exterior lights, they are navigation and anchor lights. They call the back white ones anchor lights since when you are at anchor at night, you have to have that on. Technically, when they are all on, they are all navigation lights. No big deal, it just helps people to understand what you are talking about and makes you sound like an experienced boater.


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