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Lewmar Windlass

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There should be a wrench that came with the boat. mwhiton54 I believe yours is in the owners packet. It should say lewmar on it and it will fit in the double squre hole on the top of the windlass. Use this tool to tighten up the clutch and it should cure the problem. It usually only takes between 1/4 and 1/2 turn. Remember righty tighty.

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You need to adjust the windlass clutch. If the rope is slipping, tightening the clutch with the wrench provided. If it slips or stops with the chain, it is binding.

If you tighten the clutch and the rope still slips, you need to inspect your rope. Old, frayed, wrong diameter rope will slip when wet in the windlass during haul-up.

Remember, do not haul the boat to the anchor with the windlass. Motor forward, even past the anchor, and haul up the slack. Not only will the boat help to "un-set" the anchor, you will only be hauling straight up or aft forward while hauling. It makes for a lot less strain on the windlass and will reduce slippage.


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I agree with "Rook", I don't see anywhere to adjust mine. It's a Pro-Series 1000.

Anybody have other ideas?

It seems to have something on the side that one can turn by hand, I believe I have it as tight as I can get it.

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