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ROLL CALL: 2012 SLS Chaparral Rendezvous at Dark Island

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2012 SLS Chaparral Rendezvous at Dark Island

When: Saturday, August 11th 2012, 12 Noon

Where: in front of Singer Castle, Dark Island

Map: http://g.co/maps/ttt9y

If you are planning to join, please reply below with you boat's LOA and the expected number of people on board. Thanks ... :)


We've got the confirmation from Dark Island Tours that our meetup will be most welcome there. We can get extra time at the dock to have lunch, snack, or just to meet and greet.

Let's gather before 12 noon on the water in front of Singer Castle (Dark Island). This will give us some hours to dock, relax, and visit the castle before the next tour boat comes around 3 pm.

There is an additional attraction on the same day: the Poker Run from Kingston to Prescott and back. They will be passing the Dark Island area going East just before noon, and going back West in the afternoon.

We need to provide some stats to Dark Island Tours sometime before the event: number of boats, boat lengths, attendees, etc. We'll have a roll call in July to confirm how many boats and people plan to attend.

Just a reminder: the boats coming from Canadian waters have to report to US Customs and Border Protection somewhere prior to docking at the castle, as Dark Island is in U.S. waters. Nearby Boldt Castle on Heart Island has a reporting station with a real human officers to talk too. Please check the border crossing requirements before you depart.

See you there ... :)

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Hey Richard W we will be there. Sorry to reply late we just got back from an 18 day trip to Ottawa and back via the Rideau Canal. This is getting a little creepy cause it will be Rich and Jill attending. This is the Richard Rendezvous not the Chaparral Rendezvous.

2 people 31' loa


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Thanks for the confirmations guys. Right, hope to hear from others as well, otherwise will have to change the name to SLS RR ... :D

Rich, how was the Ottawa/Rideau Canal trip? Start a new topic and tell us about it ... pictures too ... pretty please ... :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've sent the confirmation to Singer Castle team. They are expecting us.

The weather ... the forecast for Dark Island area weather seems to be improving for the last couple days. It might rain on Saturday in Kingston and Gananoque, but it gets better East of border bridges. Current Dark Island forecast for Saturday is:

Mostly sunny (12 hours of sun) with possible showers (40%), max temp 75F, winds S up to 12 mph.

If I can finish work really early on Friday, I am planning to get to Heart Island CBP's post before closing on 6:30 pm. In such case I will anchor for the night somewhere in Chippewa Bay just East of Dark Island. If I am too late, I will stay overnight on Canadian side in the shallows somewhere North of Grenadier Island.

BTW, don't forget to take your best fenders and use them while docking at Dark Island ... there are big swells caused by passing freighters.

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Yes, I am watching the forecasts and glib models. The warnings are for Eastern Lake Ontario. The SLS Kingston to Cornwall forecast is much more favorable, although the winds could be 10-15 knots on Friday. Still hoping for good weather on Saturday ... time will tell.

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The Rendezvous is canceled.

Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating, it will be okay but possibly wet and a bit windy.

In light of the cancellations I've got, I have to cancel the event. Perhaps next year?

I will be somewhere between Rockport and Brockville tomorrow watching 1000 Islands Poker Run ... more info here.

Have a nice weekend everybody ... :)

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Hey Rich,

Thanks for taking the time and effort to put the whole thing together. If only we could control the weather, our health, and politicians life would be great. We will also be around, probably watch the poker boats from the cottage. My nephews are working at the castle, in fact tomorrow is their last day. They head back to college next week. They were going to dock us on the North Boat house so we would not have gotten to beat up by freighter and poker wakes. Have a great weekend. See you somewhere, sometime. or maybe "Anytime".

Rich P

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+ 1. Well said. Excellent looking banner by the wya.

What happened to the nasty weather eh! We went for an evening tour with friends to Kingston and it was dead. We then tour them on a tour to Gan.

Our Marina operator told us a lot of cancellations due to the weather.

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Thanks guys ... :)

I came back this evening from a 3 day round trip ... from Howe Island to Heart Island, Chippewa Bay, Dark Island, Clayton, Gananoque, and back to Howe Island. The weather was just perfect on Saturday with a nice sunset over Chippewa Bay on Saturday evening where I spent the first night on hook.

Beautiful red sunrise on the New York side and stormy clouds and rain over Dark Island and Canada, and the rainbow, on Sunday morning. Shortly after it got much worse but not too bad as long as I was protected by Cedar Island. Once I got to the open water at cruising speed, things started flying in the cabin and from now on I was going 1200 RPM or 7 MPH until Alexandria Bay. I was going against the wind and waves, the 3-4 feet swell with white caps on top, and the bands of heavy rain. To make matters more exciting, the windshield wiper quit on me when I was approaching an ocean going ship "Chestnut" sailing in opposite direction. I was trying to negotiate my way around it in the shipping channel half blind but I had a GPS chartplotter on and working. Eventually I had no choice, either stay dry or be able to see well ... I had to open and roll up the center camper window.

Got to Clayton by late afternoon and spent the second night at village marina. There were nice boats docked there ... I was allowed to tour 2003 Cruisers 52' ... what a ship! All boats there were in 40-50+ foot range. My 29' pocket cruiser was the smallest almost tiny boat there.

All considered, it was a nice extended weekend cruise ... the mixed weather did not bother me, actually it was exciting. I will post some pictures shortly.

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A few pics from the cruise ...


The first stop ... Heart Island and border crossing.


Sunset over Chippewa Bay.


Red-ish sunrise over Chippewa Bay ... and buildup of clouds.


Clouds and rain over Canadian side, and the rainbow over Singer Castle/Dark Island.


Canadian "laker" near 1000 Islands Bridge.


Village Marina in Clayton NY.


Big boats down the dock in Clayton NY ...


... more boats ...


... and the tiny 29' Chaparral Signature 270 ... :)


Leaving Clayton NY.

Some more pics can be seen here: http://anytime.walku...02_uscruise.htm

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Richard W, great photos of the adventure you had despite the weather trying to interfere. Loved the photo of the 52' Cruiser, and all of the different scenic shots. We really like the Cruiser line, and that will likely be our "dream boat" (not the 52', something much smaller) when that time in our life gets here (if it does). Your photos were clear and well shot. You have a great talent. Do you mind me asking what camera you were using? My wife likes cameras, and she was very impressed with your pictures but she was quick to point out that it is the talent of the cameraman that captures those great scenes.

You have a very nice boat, and beautiful areas to travel. I was in my teens (a long time ago) the last time I was in Canada, but I feel like I have been there for a short visit after seeing your photos. Thank you for sharing.

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  • 1 year later...

Would be interested in meeting up with other Chaparral owners in 2014. We are fairly new to boating and did a lot of boating in the St. Lawrence last year in our 216 ssi but just traded it in for a 2014 270 Signature so really looking forward to doing some overnighters.

Will be checking this post now and then for dates and times! By the way, I also enjoyed looking at your pics!

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