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Boat ramp with parking

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Hi All,

We are going for a two weeks vacation in the 1000 Islands area starting July 21st.

Parking for the truck & trailer might end up quite pricy for two weeks, I know there are several boat ramps between Brookville & Gananoque. which one also has free parking close by?



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The long term parking could be a challenge during a season ... the free parking ... I don't know about that but I am only a part time resident there.

If you fail to find anything send me a PM ... I might be able to find/arrange something for you on Howe Island. The ferry to the island is not free either ... but there are two township (public) ramps you could use, and a short term parking ... I would need to talk to the township about the parking. If you are less than 9 tons and no more than 3 passenger cars in length there is a bonus ... you could take a scary (small) ferry to the island right off the Gananoque's west gate ... quite an adventure the first time.

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Clark's marina in Gananoque should be able to assist.

to funny dh20... 2 years later but glad to see folks still read posts

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