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TVA Lakes & marinas

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The Admiral and I both love the Asheville area and I grew up near Knoxville TN. We are considering a move to the area in about 5 years or so but have the option of putting our boat on Norris, Cherokee, Douglas, Ft. Loudon or Watts Bar well before then. Any one have any comments on the lakes, the marinas, or the Chap dealer in Knoxville?

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I just moved to Tellico Village on the lake and have ordered a 2014 285 SSX from Ryan at American Boat Center. Tellico lake is the first lockable dam on the Tennessee river. From here you can get to Knoxville by going upriver or lock through to Watts Bar and go all the way downriver to Chattanooga and then get into the Tombigbee waterway and go down to Mobile Alabama.... Our Tellico Village Cruising Club is planning a rendezvous at Watts Barr Lake the last weekend in June which coincides with the delivery date of my new boat! Norris Lake is a nice large lake but you cannot go further without traveling by trailer..


2014 285 SSX

430 Hp Merc

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