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we dont use the marina fuel station, but we do stop there for refreshments, and potty breaks. There is also a restaurant with an attendant or two most of the time. They normally walk over and catch a tossed line, and tie us off. Then when we leave they untie and push us off. Its a nice service and ill hand them $5 or so. They also move the boats around as people leave to make room, and are first line of defense against the other not so skilled boaters.

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I've had two different experiences here. The first was at a very busy marina on my first fueling. The dock boys (looked to be college kids) were very helpful. Helped us dock, greeted us warmly, pumped the gas all without me lifting a finger. I asked the salesman who was helping me learn the boat if it was appropriate to tip. He said it was. I did.

I moved the boat to a marina with no fuel service. So when I need fuel, I go to a moderately busy marina. Here, the attendant (older, very nice gentleman) helps me dock, ties me up, then hands me the fuel hose and I put about 150 deer into the boat. He says the marina doesn't let him fuel. He did perform the pumpout and charged me 5 deer. I tipped him 5 deer. When I don't get the pumpout, and fuel it myself, I do not tip. Am I being a cheapskate?

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$5 every time..... but I also hand the guy a bottle of PRI-G and ask "can you please also add a couple ounces of this". I'm usually buying at least 50 gal. Very busy fuel dock at my marina.... so the guys work very hard directing traffic and getting you in-and-out.

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