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Need to replace a Sony XS-MP1620w Speaker...looking for suggestions, please.

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Hey gang,

So we have 8 speakers on L'atatude (and three sub-woofers). The eight speakers are all Sony XS-MP1620w.

One of the speakers just below the radar arch on the port side has crapped out. I actually didn't know all this time what model speakers we had (they were installed by the original owner) until I removed the speaker from the side wall. This is when I found they are Sony XS-MP1620w.


I went online today to see if I could find the exact same speaker to replace this blown one with, and boy was I surprised when I started reading the reviews. Turns out these speakers are great when they work, but tend to have a very short life.



So, I am looking for recommendations for a replacement.

I guess I need something with the same specs & size so I can easily fit the new speaker in the old hole without having to make any modifications.

Product Description


  • 6-1/2" Woofer, 2" Tweeter
  • 160W Peak Power (45W RMS)
  • Frequency Response 35Hz-26kHz
  • 91dB Efficiency
  • Strontium Magnet
  • Mounting Diameter 5", Depth 2-1/2"
  • Water-resistant Marine Design
  • UV Resistant - Tested under ASTM G154
  • High power handling
  • Insulated tinsel leads


  • Frequency Response (Hz): 35-26,000
  • Sensitivity 1W/1M (dB): 91
  • Nominal Imp (Ohms): 4
  • Mass (lb/oz): 2/2
  • RMS Power (W): 45
  • Max Power (W): 160
  • Magnet Material: Strontium
  • Mounting Diameter (inch): 5
  • Diameter (inch): 6-1/2 Dual Cone
  • Mounting Depth (inch): 2-1/8
  • Cone Material: Polypropylene


And as you can see, looks like there is already some damage back there that we didn't notice before because it was covered up by the speaker. :huh:


So, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on a new speaker!!

Thanks!! B)


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I've read that many prefer JL audio for replacment speakers, but they're quite expensive. I was looking for a decent set of 6.5" marine speakers on a cheap budget and ended up narrowing down my options to two:

Infinity 612M: x108612M-f.jpeg

  • 2-way 6-1/2" marine speakers (pair)
  • polypropylene woofer cone with UV-resistant rubber surround
  • grille-mounted 1" polypropylene semi-dome tweeter
  • cast-polymer basket and stainless steel mounting hardware
  • power range: 2-75 watts RMS (225 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 50-20,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 92 dB @ 2.83V
  • top-mount depth: 2-5/8"
  • warranty: 1 year

JBL MS 6200


  • RMS Power Range : 60 Watts
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB
  • Frequency response: 50-20000 Hz
  • Diameter: 6.5 Inch
  • Polypropylene Woofer Cone
  • Polypropylene dome-tweeter
  • cast-polymer Basket
  • Integrated grille assembly
  • UV- and water-resistant construction
  • Sealed magnet structure protects the motor from water
  • Rubber surrounds outlast foam

They both have grill-mounted tweeters (so the woofer cone doesn't have a big hole in the middle). The infinity speakers will be more efficient due to their higher sensitivity.

The Polk DB651 were high on my list, but after I saw the tweeter mounts through the cone, I decided against them. It's probably a trivial matter...

The Infinity speakers look tacky, but I ended buying them due to their better sensitivity.

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Our friends have the Infinity's on their boats. They really sound pretty good. Comparable to a Polk dB651. I went with Kicker KM6200 and were a great upgrade over the stock speakers. It's also a personal preference on the colors as well.

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Looks like the Infinity's mount using 5 screws.

vs. the JBL and my old sony speaker that mounted using only 4 screws.

I would assume that if I switched to a 5 screw mount...that none of my existing holes would line up, therefore I will need to do some patching and drilling.....?

If I went with the JBL, I would probably be able to avoid this and just use the existing holes....

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After realizing how hard it is to find JBL products in an actual store, I just ordered a pair of the JBL MS6200 from eBay for 70 deer. Can't beat that.

Now I wait for UPS to deliver.

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Unfortunately the Car/Marine audio world has been taken over by basically 3-4 large manufacturers, mostly in China, and the result is there truly isn't a huge difference in most of the brands these days, regardless of the label- find a good deal and run with it. (which it seems you did).

I've had good luck, recently, with both JBL and Polk Audio marine grade stuff. But honestly, I wouldn't use up too many brain cycles trying to decide which is better with most of it any more. I deal a lot with a local shop that still has a reasonable inventory of quality items from the late '90s and early '00s for items I care about buying quality for, otherwise I hit Amazon or eBay and find the best deal I can. If it blows, chances are it's just as easy to swap it out and not worry about it.

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