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Our 2012 Boating Season Adventures - Photos

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These pictures are fantastic! What a great boating season. Looks like you have a great group of people that enjoy getting together, fun on the water and with each other. What beautiful country? I realize you all live in Vancouver but where do you boat? And, finally, after looking at your photos, Mary wants to know the name of your beautiful dog and the breed. "We" are considering rescuing a golden retriever or lab, probably older (around 4 or 5). The lab we rescued in 1999, left us due to illness in 2009. Mary misses her but is ready to possibly rescue another dog.

Thank you for sharing! Looks like a fantastic 2012!

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Thanks - we have the best of both Salt & fresh water boating - we are truely spoiled... our boating takes us all over the province and into northwestern Washington...

San Juan Islands, USA, Canadian Southern Gulf Islands, & Vancouver Island, up the Sunshine Coast of BC, Fraser River, Pitt River into Pitt Lake, Harrision Lake, Allouette Lake & the Shushwap, Kalamalka lakes & Lake Okanagan !!

if you Google British Columbia - and check out the map - you can find all the areas we boat....

As for the dog - Dante - I WISH he was ours.... he's a friends. He is Berneise Mountain dog crossed with Golden Retreiver - he is the most adorable, lovable water hound EVER...





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