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Will a 19' trailer work for a 1995 Chaparral 1930 Sport SS?

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Hi all,

My wife and I have recently purchased a 1995 Chaparral 1930 Sport SS, but my problem is that the boat has always been stored and launched at the same marina for the last 17 years.

After searching online and calling about a dozen dealers looking for a used trailer that will work (since ordering a new one spec'd for the boat will end up costing more than the boat itself) I have found two, but don't know what to do really.

Karavan Model: US-2800-SB-74-ST-AW

3520# GVW, 19', Estimated empty weight: 625#


14.5' end of bunk to front roller. Can be adjusted

Hydraulic brakes

Model: US-3400-78

Length: 22'

Empty Weight: 860 lbs.

GVW: 4,000

Since we will be using our Kia Sorento (3500# tow capacity) I would like to use the 19' trailer as it is cheaper and weighs about 235# less, but I am afraid it will put too much weight on the tounge, since it will need to sit up so far on the trailer. I think ideally I would need a 20' adjustable trailer with surge brakes, but I am having a hard time finding this :slap:

We have to get it from Lake Travis, Austin, TX to Kansas City, MO by the end of August....on a side note the boat runs great and we are extremely excited to be first time boat owners, but I just need to GET IT HOME (and in the water)!!

Any information/help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance :)

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Your 1930SST on a tandem axle steel trailer, will weigh about 4460 lbs. The Sorento is under-rated to pull it.

Also, boat has an 8 ft beam. The Karavan trailer sounds too short and too narrow for your 19ft 3 inch long boat.


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Well 4 years later I'll reply :huh:.....we did get it home.  Went with the 22' Karavan and pulled it home with a rented U-haul truck.  The boat has been great other than just had the upper and lower bellows replace this spring.  Picking it up on Monday to get the boating season started!

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