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The Three Stages of Marital Sex

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for full disclosure/credit...I was inspired by the "...at some poiint in a guys life"...post...lol

The three stages of marital sex

Stage 1- This is when you first get married...you pretty much have sex all over the house, all of the rooms...even the kitchen !

Stage 2 - This is when you have been married for a while, at this point, marital sex is pretty much confined to the bedroom

Stage 3 - this is the final stage of marital sex.....this is when you pass each other in the hallway and say...eF You !

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それは、夫婦間のセックスの 3 つの段階が、コースの不名誉を開くために共通の固定を経ているという根拠に基づいています。 そうでない場合は、クリックして表示 にアクセスして、探しているすべての情報を取得する必要があります。

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