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Water Pump replacement - metal or "plastic"

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I am considering replacing my water pump along with the impeller this season.

I found there is a choice between a "plastic" housing and a metal housing.

If you had to do this, which would you choose?

My first thought was that the metal housing would be stronger, but then I wondered if I would have problems with corrosion, etc.

What else should I replace since I will have it opened up anyway?

Those with same outdrive as mine, if you have performed this maintenence recently, do you have info handy that you can provide? part numbers, online parts providers you use and trust, etc.

Thanks in advance,


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You will need the metal housing. The plastic housing is for the alpha 1 drive. Yours is a alpha 1 gen 2. While you are in there you should replace the seals on the shaft that sit below the water pump base plate. They like to turn sideways and leak. If you get the correct water pump kit it will come with the new seals installed in a new carrier,impeller, gaskets and new housing.

817275Q 4 is the quicksilver kit. You will also need gear lube since you have to remove the lower to get to the water pump.

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Can't comment on the marine water pumps but just ask any BMW owner what they think of their plastic water pumps (notorious for disintegrating at around 60,000 miles). It's interesting that all the water pumps installed in new BMWs are plastic but all replacement parts are metal!

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