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VeeThree Gauge Problem

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Boat information:

2010 Chaparral 290

Twin Bravo III 4.3L MPI

These V3 gauges are driving me crazy. I have had them replaced several times due to fogging issues and the problem continues.

I was winterizing the boat on Friday and noticed that when I ran the starboard engine, the following occurred:

Multi function digital gauge - works normal

Port gauge - no reading except voltage

Starboard gauge - no reading except voltage

I was getting no indication of oil pressure, temperature and engine trim. However, when I ran the port engine, the following occurred:

Multi function digital gauge - works normal

Port gauge - normal reading

Starboard gauge - showing port engine parameters

For some reason, the port engine parameters are shown on both engine gauges. Has anyone had this issue? Does anyone have wiring information for V3 gauges? Any ideas????


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This is who I have spoken to at Vee Three about my issues in the past.

Marcin Maleszka

Technical Support Representative

Veethree Electronics & Marine LLC

2050 47th Terrace East

Bradenton, Florida 34203 USA

Phone: 941.538.7775 ext. 350

Fax: 941.755.1222

OK... Problem solved. Called Marcin and he informed me that the gauges are hard coded as Port and Starboard. Turns out I have 2 port gauges. Go figure!!!!

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The warranty is with Vee Three, not where you bought the boat. I have had the gauges replaced multiple times because of the fogging issue. Vee Three just had me deal with a local marina to do the work since the place I bought the boat from was far away. Vee Three warraty is 4 years, but only 3 years with Chaparral, so if your boat is over the 3-year warranty period you are on your own.

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I called vee three directly to see if there was a recall on the gauge. I remember reading in another post about a recall on the gauges. When I called them and another Chap dealer that has since opened up in my town, I was advised there was no such recall. I took photos of the gauge fogged up and I even went as far as pulling it out of the dash to check the serial number on the back of the gauge.

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