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Bow Speakers - I want 'em

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I don't have any speakers in my bow seating area and I'd like to remedy that.

The problem is that my 2130 SS bow configuration isn't conducive to incorporating bow speakers. I'd like to install a pair of speakers, at least 5.25", but ideally 6.5" speakers (there are far more marine options in the 6.5" size and I could obtain a set to match the Infinity 6.5" speakers on sides of my captain's chairs).

The best arrangement that I can think of would involve removing the foremost backrest cushion, pulling out an area of foam and cutting a section of vinyl out (as well as some of the fiberglass for the speakers to clear) to accommodate the speakers, and then reinstalling the cushion. Hopefully this image illustrates what I'm thinking of (prepare yourself for a terrible photoshop image...):


So, my questions are:

  • How does one remove that cushion?
  • Is there enough depth between the inner fiberglass and the hull to mount a set of speakers (the mounting depth of the speakers I'd like to use is just under 3")?
  • Does anyone have any advice on getting wiring from the head unit to that area?

I'm also open to other mounting locations if anyone has any suggestions.

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Under the seat cushions is storage area that is already accessable, much easier install.

Drawbacks If they are installed in the storage area include among others:

- I would think of some way to protect them from someone tossing something in there and damaging them

- speaker would be lower and maybe not as nice sounding

- easier for getting hit by feet

my :Twocents:


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There are likely some 1/4 20 studs from the pad, through the cap. No easy to get at. Try going thru the under seat storage area, or through the anchor locker. You should have enough depth, but measure twice. Would be much easier to install in the underseat storage area, but as noted, will result in a low mounted position.

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I added speakers to my first boat. Had the same problem with the install, getting the cushions off was starting to be a pain.

So after watching a few restore shows I decided to just cut holes in the vinyl with a razor (hardest part), draw a circle in the spot about an inch smaller than the finish hole. Start with an "X" first, then remove the padding inside drill a few holes in the seat backing then cut it out. I then got a PVC toilet flange (it was close to the size of the speakers) I used it the compress the vinyl to the set backing. installed the speakers to the flange.

Here's the only picture I got of the finished product.


good luck.

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