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Purchased 2001 260 signature

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Hello Owners Club

Finally got back into boating a couple of months ago.

Found a used 260 Chap signature that needed a new Bravo 3 upper and lower drive but only 170 hrs..

Did the new drives and all that goes with and finally got the ratio correct I think ?

Mercruiser 5.7 MPI Bravo 3 running 24 P props and getting 4,800 rpm @ wot 45 mph

Does that sound correct ? my friends say I should be running 22 P props ?

The previous owher said it came with the 24P.

It does take a little while to get over the hump but I am used to having faster lighter

boats previously.

Im in NJ and she is put away now but I did get to run a tank of fuel thru her.

Looking for a windlass also does anyone know what one chap puts in it stock ?

I am looking at a horizon 500 that appears will fit it ????

Thanks in advance for any help or info.



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Congratulations and welcome to the forum ... :)

I have Sprint 600 (no longer in production) installed by Chap on my 2007 Sig 270 ... it does not help you. There were some retrofits made by forum members and documented with pictures. Search the forums ... I think one was done on Sig 260 or 240.

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Thanks Richard,

I will do some searching.

Funny ski season is coming but I cannot wait till it is over this year and get back in the water.

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"... just don't mention Billy's wife ... ;)"

Oh GOD ... yes... Please don't get Billy started on his wife... there are just some things you can't "un-see" !!! :blink::blink::blink: - BTW... happy Birthday Billy !!!

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