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propylene glycole or ethylene glycol antifreeze coolant ?

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Hi to all colleaques boaters..:):thsmilie_water_119-1:

I know it's not the season for this question...but is good to have the knowledge.As reading different opinions here in ,I have being confused a little.What is better for raw water system winterizing engine flush ? and what ..if not the same ,for the potable water system,water heater,etc.?

An antifreeze based on propylene glycol ? or on ethylene glycol ?

and why this ? or the other ?

I see that for cars the market sells ethylene glycol,but in boats may be are different the situation...

Thanks in advance for any inputs.

...and happy boating to all of us...with safety..:)

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The marine industry uses Non-toxic propylene glycol.

It is good for freeze protection down to -50°F.

With thats said, come spring when you start your engine. The AF will be forced out & onto the ground. Some dogs have been known to to get sick off of it. So its best to use the non-toxic AF

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If you use the non toxic stuff...........Simply put the boat in the water & run it. ...........There is only 1 level of non toxic to me..... If we use it in drinking water systems .......It gets emptied into the lake on launch time, when I start the motor from winter storage.


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Thank you all ,for advises.So as I understand is good to use non toxic propylene glycol.Question was made as I read somewhere here in, that some kind of antifreeze , infects the impeller or other machinery items.It seems that I took my answer.Thank you all...:)

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Cyclops2 today I search the market as I need to change antifreeze to my car,and was thinking to buy more to have for the boat also for when will need it.It seems that here exists only ethylene glycol.At least I bought only for the car,and this is imported from USA.It was the better I found.Now not remember the maker,it 's in the car.Anyhow as you say above,as I understand I can use this ethylene glycol with safety for the raw cooling system of entire engine,but not for the potable system.Is this correct??

Also writes it has a rust inhibitor in it.

I never drink water from the boat tank.Is only for rinse the plates and making shower.But not sure if can use this for winterizing (ethylene glycol) the fresh water system on the boat.May be is dangerous for shower on our skin,even after a good rinsing of the water system.For the moment I make empty whole system and only air is inside.But can never be sure if a bend or a corner of the hoses keeps some water.Boat is on trailer near the sea and is not easy to have snow there.But you never know if temp. will drop under the 0 Celcium .The mountain two miles far keeps snow on top half winter.So I would feel more comfortable if winterized with correct way the boat....:)

Thanks for infos.. :thl_speedboat:

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