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Boat refi recommendations? Good or bad stories?

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Looking to take advantage of some of the lower interest rates out there. When we bought ours in 2011 rate was 6.99.

Has anyone refinanced recently and have any recommendations on where to goto get financing? There seem to be many banks/credit unions out there offering this. Any good stories or bad ones?

I went to a local boat show this past weekend. It was in the high 50's. I'm ready for summer!



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We did a refi on the house at around 3ish% which was significantly less than what we had. We paid off high interest credit cards, car loans, truck loan and the boat loan. I think even IRS benefits. Great move for us. Recently we sold our house to but another one. We are currently debt free except for the house. No credit card debt and no boat, car or truck payments.

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I just refi'd my boat. Part of the deal was to have them release the title to the trailer. It took about 45 minutes of "let me check on that" but I finally got it done. I don't like my trailer and want to replace it. Can't sell it without the title, so I went this route. In hindsight, I should have not included the trailer in the financing the first time when I bought the boat. They told me straight up that it's harder to repo a boat if they don't own a trailer as they have to bring their own trailer and transfer the boat, etc, etc.

Good luck!


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I was dealing with a credit union last year on my old boat. They wanted $ to drop the rate 1 point. A savings od $ per month. I was too easy not to do! It just depends on who you are dealing with and how far the are willing to go.

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