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Bottom coatings

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Jus a quick question. My new-to-me 260 has a bottom paint that I was told was for fresh water. I'm thinking of keeping the boat on the chesapeake near elkton in freshwater. But obviously during usage it will end up in salt. Should I be doing anything different paint wise or is freshwater paint ok since it'll be a freshwater slip? Sorry if this is a foolish question!

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I do all my boating for the past 13 years in salt water and every year I paint the bottom. I have never heard of fresh water bottom paint.

Here is a link http://pettitpaint.com/ to the Pettit site. No meantion of it there too.

I would ask the past owner what he used. I am thinking your boat is painted with a low copper based paint. That would make more since and he is calling it fresh water paint. Depending on how long your going to leave it in. You may want to paint the drive & prop too and use a 40 or even better a 60% copper based paint on the bottom!! The longer you leave it in, the more protection (higher copper) you are going to need. Do NOT use copper paint on your drive, they make a paint just for that.

Beaware too, that some lakes will not allow copper based painted boats on there lakes. The eco paints do not work as well!!

As too slowing down the boat. All bottom paint will, the question is how much. You may lose 2 or 3 mph at top end. BUT it beats cleaning the bottom, the growth can slow you down even more.

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