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LEDs, not just for looks!

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I got tired of working in the engine bay and having to point a flashlight or hoping there was enough ambient light to see what I was doing. Since I already had RGB LEDs running throughout the boat I decided to add some to the engine bay. I could have gone with only white LEDs but the cost difference was so small I just used more RGB. I spliced into my existing wiring and added a switch in the engine bay so I can turn the lights in the engine bay on and off independently from the ones that are just for looks throughout the rest of the boat. I will say when ALL the LEDs are on pure white, it lights everything up very well.

Maybe I’m just making things up to do since winter hasn’t really ended here yet?






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FYI, I just did a similar setup in the back of my F150 bed because I have a cap lid and that blocks the rear courtesy light. You can get a 5 meter roll of waterproof/sticky-back LED lights on ebay for about 20 shipped. Connect to 12 volts are you are good to go.

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Looks really cool. Question though about working in the engine compartment. I know if you pop the pin out of the auto engine hatch lift the lid will go up higher to allow you more freedom to work in there... But, what method do you use to do this? I thought about cutting a 2x4 to a certain length hold it up but have no idea where to insert it to prop it up for the most safety... If that thing ever came down when you were in there, well, nuff said....

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