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Bellows Question

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Hello Everyone,

First off HAPPY EASTER!!

Next, I'm just looking for a general consensus from everyone on here...

I bought a 2002 183SS this past summer off my uncle, the thing is MINT. Only reason for him selling it was he just bought a huge RV and had no time for the boat. First time I dropped it in the water I had a little water in the bottom very slow/small leak that the bilge kept up with. Took it back out on the trailer and sat that my shift cable bellow was shot. Luckily it was the end of the summer so I just threw some silicone on it and used it a few more times and packed it away for winter. Now spring is here and its time to change the bellows. My dad and I are going to it and i want to do all 3 at once. My dad is a old school guy, built boats from scratch with my grandfather, big mercruiser I/O guy. He INSISTS that I use genuine OEM Merc Bellows. Which are most likely more DEER but the problem is I cant find them anywhere. Ive seen QuickSilver, ones GLM ones...what do you guys use???... ive seen many kits available that come with everything i need on marine sites, iboats, amazon,ebay.... after market parts ok to use?

i appreciate your feedback


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2002 are supposed to be a NO problem year for 5.0L V8 bellows.. My marina checked with Mercruiser a couple of years ago. Still no leaks.

Check all clamps, shifter cable bellows, speedo tubing, any transom bolts. Anything else, like water pump lines & their clamps.

Could be a simple low cost item leaking.

Good luck

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