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Need HELP... Electrical Issues on 2002 183ss

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I have a 2002 183ss with a Merc 4.3

Yesterday i has spring fever and went out and installed a new radio in my boat. After installing it was dark out but i needed to try it out. Like i said it was dark out and i was rushing, I threw the battery in proceeded to connect the battery cables. I put the negative wire on what i thought was the negative terminal but was really the positive terminal. Still not realizing what i did, i went to attach the positive cable and one it touched the negative battery terminal it sparked almost the same as if you tapped 2 jumper cables together. I saw what i did and fixed it. Now i went to turn the ignition and nothing happens. The horn,bilge,lights and everything work but the ignition wont turn on or attempt to start.

Do you guys think i fried the computer or just popped a fuse or breaker.

I looked under the dash and i can only find the breakers for the horn and accessories.

Is there a main fuse or breaker for the boat ignition or motor? Do you guys think i fried the computer?

Please HELP!!! Any info is appreciated. I learned my lesson to call it quits once the sun goes down

Patiently Waiting,


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+1 on the circuit breaker located on the motor, (mine is up near the air cleaner and is black with red breaker button about the size of a dime).

Also would check the breakers under the helm/ steering wheel. (may be different location on your boat).

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I have heard of the before and the alternator died. When you get the engine started, check to see if your getting a charge voltage at the battery. Hopefully, nothing went south!

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I think Sheps right. I dropped a wrench once and it hit the hot connection to the alternator and the block at the same time. What are the odds of that!! I just remember seeing a spark, then had nothing when I tried to start it. Looked at the electrical diagram, traced it back to the fuse, so I pulled it. Checked it for continuity, sure enough, it was blown. Easy fix.

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