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Fuel Gauge Faulty?

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The oil pressure gauge will almost certainly be a faulty oil pressure sender. I've had to replace a few senders from that era. The good news is the new style sender from VDO seems to be a quality piece.

Believe it can be found under the port side exhaust manifold on your engine. Almost certain that the sender has puked if you have analog (round) gauges. Highly recommend replacing with 8M0068784, which is a new style sender sold by Mercury. Made by VDO. Higher quality piece IMO. NOTE: believe Volvo uses the same sender.

Original style (painted black of course)


New style - a little smaller in size than the older style


Here's a test sheet of what you should see when you ground the single sender wire from the oil pressure sender itself to the engine block, with the key in the 'on' position.


Regarding the stereo, try unplugging the head unit, and plugging it back in at the Deutsche connector.

Lastly, regarding the fuel sender, you could try grounding out the sender, buy my money is on faulty sender unit.

On the surface, all 3 items may appear to be related, but I feel they are separate problems.

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Chaparral's fuel tank vendor who supplies the sending units did have an issue particularly regarding H2O's.

If you're the original owner check with your selling dealer to see if it's still covered under warranty.

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