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2 inch long Scratch on gelcoat 2006 signature 276 , blue hull

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I own a 2006 signature 276 with a blue hull. Today I scratched the hull at dock. Is the hull color called atlantic blue I think??

I am trying to find a gelcoat match and I found one called spectrum and its atlantic blue. Please let me know your thoughts. Or ideas on a scratched gelcoat....any ideas on a fix would be appreciated


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Thank you both! I will try the wet sandpaper as well as Spectrum

Try some Buff Magic which is a variable grit compound first before you try any sanding which might leave fine scratches. If the scratch is not too deep it will take it out.

If the scratch is too deep and you need to put gelcoat paste on it here is the first part of a 2 part video on how to do gelcoat repairs. I used it to repair my previous boat and will do so on my 267SSX when necessary.


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Buzz - when you buy the gelcoat repair kit from Spectrum look at a few youtube videos. I did a few gelcoat scratch repairs on my old 264 which was blue as well. it came out great and was easier than I thought it was just nerve racking as every ounce of me didn't want to use sandpaper on a shiny boat

1. tape around the area & then lightly wet sand the scratch - you want the edges to go away, blend it in w/ the surrounding

2. mix the gel coat and the catalyst together - this you need to do fairly quickly as it sets up fast

3. use a small detail paint brush - pencil sized and apply the gelcoat put just enough on to slightly build above surrounding area

4. they provide plastic film - put that over the top and remove all air and allow to dry

5. in a few hours remove the film and begin wet sanding (start w/ 500 grit ) it doesn't take much sanding just enough to get it level

6. move up to 1000 or higher grit and continue wet sanding until no scratch marks are present

7. polish until you see the shine

8. wax and done - good as new

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