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So Ive decided my Chaparral 178 needs a new water pump and then I hit the brick wall

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So after the last trip to the lake I decided the water pump has got to be bad. So I call the local shop went and picked up the parts and came home and start tearing everything down. Well at first I thought WOW this is really easy and it was going so fast, well then I got to start putting it back together and I notice I have quite a few more O-Rings then I seen come off and notice I have more gaskets then I could use. So Now im just confused, well then I notice the lower part of the pump is what I think is the wrong part. So have a look at the images below and let me know if im just over looking something or did they sell me the wrong stuff that can not be returned?

Also if what they sold me is the wrong stuff is this the right kit:


All the pictures I took can be found at:


I took quite a few.

Thank you for your help with this problem.

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when I replaced the raw water pump in my alpha this year the Quicksilver replacement kit included some additional o rings that were not used as well.

I have a service manual and I just followed that and used the necessary parts.



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Hi, I wish I had seen your post earlier, the hardest part of doing this is to make sure that the impeller is going in the right direction. When you got your kit, as did with mine, you get a variety of things, some you do not need. My dealership parts guy gave me a picture print out of my out drive that showed how it was put together, and circled the parts that I would use. I hope you did not have too much trouble getting it changed. Denny.

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I was in the automotive trade for 50 years and the parts dept. said if you can give me the year, the make and the model number, I can give you the right part. And some times it is a packaging error, I've had that happen many times. Good luck on finding a new boat, what are you looking for? Denny.

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