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Engine Overheating

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I have a 2006 190 ssi with a 4.3GL-E volvo penta. A week ago I parked the boat at the shore and lowered my prop into the sand/mud a little to stabalize the boat while I got something on the shore. When I hopped back in I forgot that I had lowered the prop & cranked it & began to back up stirring up mud & small rocks. I got the boat out in the water & it ran fine. I didn't think anything else about it. The next day I took the boat out a few times without any problems. The last time I took it out it began to overheat. I wasn't out far so I loaded the boat & came home.

I have removed the water hoses from the water pump & a few small rocks fell out. I then removed the front of the water pump and removed the impeller. It appears to be okay. Does anyone know what else I should check. I am ordering a new impeller, but would like to check everything I need to so that I can get it fixed & back on the water soon.

I will never lower the prop into the mud again. Not a smart move I know.

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might have a rock jamming the thermostat. also check water intakes and possibly risers, also with hoses off might give a good flush with garden hose.I don't think volvo uses flappers but not sure?

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