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Gauge Lights/Dimmer?

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Hey all, just bought our Chap a few weeks ago - did a lot of research and spent a lot of time "shopping" but finally found the one! I've already used this forum to gain a lot of knowledge - I was able to fix a speedometer issue thanks to the forums. But I can't find any relevant forum on this topic. I understand that the "knob" on my dash is the dimmer switch for the gauge lights, but I have been unable to get the gauges to light up. I've turned on the Nav lights, court lights, etc... and turned the dimmer switch every which way and can't seem to get these lights on. Any thoughts on where I should look first for the problem? Fuse, wiring, etc... I'm not sure where to start on this one. Outside of this and one of the clarion remotes not working (the one on the dash) the boat is like new. I'll get some pics posted soon. Thanks for any help!


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you should check to see if the bulbs are just burned out. My gauge lights run all the time when the boat is running so I have had to replace bulbs over the years. If not some checking with a tester will verify power to the light "post" on the gauges.

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Got it! Thanks all for the help - ended up being a circuit breaker problem. I'm sure it's one of those things I'll rarely "need," but may as well have the peace of mind to have them working for that random time I need it. Thanks again for all the responses.

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