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2007 Signature 250?

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Considering buying a 2007 Signature 250 and hoping to get some input on this model. It would mean selling our 2013 216 ssi, which I'm already in love with, but just need the comfort of a larger boat on the big waters that we boat on.

I think the price of the 250 is pretty good but we would take a big hit on ours unfortunately.

Thanks for any advice you can offer. Really don't want to make a mistake! :slap:

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We have the 270 - LOVE it !!!

Took a bit of getting use to when turning on a plane - it leans over - as the boat is way taller than our Maxum cuddy. The bigger boats will always respond differently than ski-boats. You will really have to think about Winds/currents when docking/loading on to trailer - but the hull handles the bigger water like a champ... I dont think you'd be dissapointed in the 250

good luck

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Thanks CJ-Orca for your input! I can tell you really love your boat and being a newbie to boating, I can see why.

I noticed you have a yellow lab in your pic. We have one too as well as a Golden Retriever but they are not as relaxed as yours. I'm hoping in time and maybe a cabin they can chill in will help!

By the way, how do you add info to your profile???

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He's the best - but not always relaxed ... That pic was taken after 2 days out on the boat - so the excitement was over & he was pooped after 2'days of swimming non stop.

Under profile settings - signature - you can type in info & add pictures :)

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