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Hi from The Netherlands

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Between those 2 boats, I can see why you picked the Chaparral. Do you have the Sport seating with twin buckets, and rear bench, or the standard seating with the 2 position rear jump seats?

At any rate, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy the boat. There are 2 things I recommend you do for your boat before the season begins.

1. Inspect and replace your distributor cap if there are signs of corrosion. MerCruiser part # 898253T23. Will need a Torx T20 screwdriver to remove and replace the distributor cap.

2. Have the drive taken off to check engine alignment and to grease the yoke, and also have the transom bellows checked for signs of wear. Bellows, in freshwater at least, typically last 7-10 years. Need to replaced on a shorter rotation on saltwater boats.

3. HIGHLY recommend installing a SeaDek swim platform mat kit on your boat. Makes a huge difference in comfort and security when using the swim platform. Here is a picture of what a fellow member did on his 210 SSi. NOTE: his boat has the optional extended swim platform.


http://www.seadek.com/p-68-chaparral-210-ssi.aspx NOTE: the kit shown in this link only has 1/2 of what Skiya Later had made for his boat. If you're interested, SeaDek has the pattern on file. I don't like being pushy, but this product truly transforms a boat for the better. (even a POS Sea Ray)


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Sorry fot the late reply.

I am not very technical, so the maintenance part is done by a specialist. I saw him takeoff the heckdrive and I trust him he will do all the things necessary to the boat, it is all done before the season.

Thx for the advice.

The last suggestion you did I will look into, is seadek also softer for the knees? That would be a big improvement, how long will that stuff typically last?

Well had great fun again yesterday waterskiing and still very happy with the boat!

In Holland where I live we don t see al lot of Chaparral s, more Four winns, must be because the dutch dealer is next door.

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We've had our Sea Dek mat installed on our boat for 3 seasons now, with zero signs of breaking down or peeling up. VERY soft on the knees and feet, and the grip is fantastic too. It gets full son 4 months of the year, but is covered for the winter.

Four Winns never made a model that, size for size, rode or handled like your boat does. Where there is a dealer, there will be boats around on the water of that brand.

We just finished 3 days of a long weekend on the water with friends and family. Great times.

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I looked on youtube about the seadeck product, looks and sounds great. The thing is with shipping and all (import) taxes it is getting rather pricey.

I am going to look for a simulary product (if there is any) here in the Netherlands.since I believe Sea deck does not produce in Europe.

Nice to hear, we did not test the four winns.

Today enjoyed a day sailing with a friend.

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