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Colorado Boating

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All, newbie here, owned jet skis for 13 years and now a boat. So let me know fun and good sized lakes to take my new boat to. I live a little north of Denver so we used to go to Loveland and jet ski on Boyd Lake.

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Welcome to the club! Personally living in Colorado and owning a boat requires more travelling and trailering. We travel a lot, but here ate my top choices:

1 lake mcconaughy in Nebraska, 3.5 hours

2 lake pueblo, for you a couple of hours

3 lake Glendo in Wyoming, 3.5 hours

And the smaller lakes:

1 lake Boyd in Loveland

2 lake dillon, in Frisco, cold non swimming lake

3 lake chatfield/cherry creek in Denver ( if you are desperate )

I hope this helps you. We are headed to Glendo this weekend as they still have plenty of water. Right now lake mcconaughy is about 15 miles long, normally 22, however you can't beat all the white sand beaches there!

Good luck!

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246inColorado..... all those places I was a regular jet skier at, so familiar with them and like them all. I heard glendo was still full thought about that. Have you been to Carter before? Looks like a good size and think they have a good amount of water.

When you trailer that far do you do so with the bow/cock pit covers on or off?

Bye the way I love that model boat, the wife thought it was too big for our family and CO uses. Now I can tell her she was wrong. :)

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Hey hargerhouse, well Glendo is way down, but still boatable!

I do travel with bow and cockpit covers, however when I do I pay really close to make sure they are snapped and sealed all the time. If traveling and issues arise I always remove the cover when in doubt.

I was at Carter in late May and it was full. I haven't checked the water levels however that is a deeper, colder lake. We have been there many times before, but only choose to go when no one wants to swim!

Don't count your 22 out, its actually not much smaller than the 24'. We moved from a 22 foot Maxum to our 24 Chap, and I still have two foot i.t.i.s.

If my in-laws can pick up the Chap line in Wyoming, my wife will take a good hard look at the 26' footers (however we are happy now)!

Good luck and if you have photos definitely post when you can!

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