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Spanning Time

New to big boating and need some help

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Guys, new to this sight, and a new chaparral owner. I was out this morning on Texoma cruising at about 25mph and heard an alarm. One solid beep, and then it stopped. I looked at the gauges and didnt see anything out of order. Then a short time later a second beep, then the port engine died, and i notice the temp was up (190-200). I didnt notice any loss of power prior to the engine stalling. I limped back to the marina on the remaining engine and when I returned, 2hrs later, I tried to start the motor. It would not start. Boat was serviced less than 25 hours ago (oil, impellars, ect). Manifolds replaced by last owner. Also, my generator quit working as well. It would start, then after a few minutes sputter and quit. Water was sporatically spraying out of the port side when the generator was on. This happened at the same time and I dont know if it is related. Prior to today, everything ran perfectly. Does the engine have a self protection program that shuts it down? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Twin 350 Mag Brovo 3

Spanning Time


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