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2013 or 2014 Signature 270

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I'd think that you can make good deals on what 2013's are available, but on the other hand, you'll have to accept what options are with what's out there.

I found the situation unworkable and eventually made a Killer deal with a dealership to order a 2014 Sunesta 264.

Because dealerships are entering their slow season, I want to think that they're willing to make a little bit of something rather than a whole bunch of nothing!

Price out a 2014!

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It's a nice pocket cruiser ... same as, with some style differences, as pre-2010 Signature 250 LOA 27'. The pre-2010 Signature 270 LOA was 29'. It is a nice and functional cruiser, great for a couple for overnights. It rolls easily due to it's narrow beam of 8'06", but it can be towed on a legal width trailer.

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We have the 2008 270 - which is really LOA 29ft

Gotta say ! LOVE , LOVE this boat.... Very similar to the 2010-2014 270...(or what was the 250 from 2006 - 2009)

Maybe save a bit off $$ & look at a used boat.... 2006-2009 250 or 270 for the LOA 29ft ?

We constantly do 1week trips out on her.... On all kinds of bodies of water.... Lakes, rivers, ocean.... Handles really well,

Lots of storage....

Good luck

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I purchased my 276 in 06. I purchased the 8.1 Volvo. We spend anywhere form 1 to 4 nights with no problem. I really like the layout on the boat. As mentioned in the previous post, newer models are 2 feet shorter. Not to mention a few short cuts were made in galley finishes. But overall it's a great boat!


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My dealer has a new 2011 270 Signature which has never been sold or titled:


I have no invested interest with this dealer and will not gain anything from the sale of this boat.

By the time the OP paid for transport, and import tax to Canada, that 2011 price does not look that attractive.

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