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Any Louisiana Members here?

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You ll like the "other side- lots of places to boat and explore- I personally like the blind river side best- Blind River Bar is new and updated and nicer than Prop Stop if you continue up diversion canal- stop and eat at Kevins or Hill top- -venture into Amite River or up Blind River for scenic rides.

Robs maps also detail fuel stops -

Up Tickfaw there is Prop stop, Tin Lizzy's and fuel as well

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Can't hang at the barrooms, can't risk my CG license involving a DUI. The restaurants are definitely interesting though. I'll have to pick up a chart and get an early start one day to explore the area. Looks like I can make a loop by way of the Diversion Canal eh?

I sure there are no wake zones about, any that you can point out off hand?

Thanks again Chap...

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on the lower amite there are a couple of low bridges- depending on water level whether you can pass - get the map you will see you can exit diversion/blind river at blind river bar- up blind river to Petite amite and back to diversion- up amite river to Port Vincent- another eatery

Lots of places to ride and explore-

IF you are a burger guy- Best burgers are- Fuel stop at Pass manchac (next to Middendorfs) Prop Stop, Blind RIver bar-

Seafood- Middendorfs, Kevins and Hilltop--- lower amite- Vals

Explore the Tickfaw area- also- nice riding- fuel available- but lacking on -eateries by boat

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when you exit Lake Maurepas into Blind River your first no wake zone will be at the junction of Blind River and Diversion Canal- also the Blind River Bar is there- great burgers too

The next zone will be where Diversion and the Petite Amite junction - also a fuel stop there- shortly up the river is Kevins Restauarant- Excellent food as you near that area which includes the bridge there is a no wake zone,

Under the bridge no wake zone- a short hop and another no wake zone as you near Hilltop Inn- another very good eatery- Next wake zone is when you exit Diversion canal where it joins the Amite River- travel up river to Port Vincent or Down river which takes you the long way back to either Diversion canal or Lake Maurepas- there are a couple of very low bridges.

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