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244: How to access accessory switches??

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I'd like to utilize a couple of the unused accessory switches on our 244, but just unsure how to access the backs of the switches in order to connect wires. Here's the panel:


There's very limited space to access the panel from underneath, just a jumble of wires that makes it near impossible to snake a hand up and to the back of the switch.

So, how does one access the business side of the switches? Thanks!

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Here's the space under the panel:


And, the cabinet behind the panel.


This would be a nightmare to access, the cabinet is too tight for even a small adult to get into. Last time we needed to run a wire to the stereo, I had my 12 year old in there, but just to tie-wrap a new replacement transom stereo extension cable.

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I've fit into that storage compartment on the 244 Sunesta models to work on wiring issues, etc., and I'm over 200 lbs., 5' 10" tall. Not a Sunday picnic by any means, but it's easier once you're in. Do recommend having any tools, lights, supplies close to hand before starting work. Maybe a fan blowing air on a hot day too.

The toughest part I find is getting the screws to go back in the original holes for the rear access panel in the picture above. You'd think that part would be easy...

Depending on what you want to power, you may be able to get the wanted horizontal style switch cover(s) from a Chaparral dealer.

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No need to get in the compartment.. Just unscrew the panel, bend it down and sit next to the doorway and lean in.. I've wired up a few goodies and has worked for me.. Its no picnic but you definitely don't need to get in that small compartment..

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