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I had the light fixture separate that is right before the entrance into the cabin. This is the fixture in the well on the right before you go into the cabin. I was changing a burned out bulb and when I went to push the bulb into the fixture the black inner portion pushed out and fell back into the wall. It made a thump when if fell down. My problem is I don't see an access point to get hold of the wire. It appears to be between the bathroom and couch area.

Any advice would be very helpful.



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w/o knowing the boat, can you stick a wire (14 AWG building wire works well) down there with a hook on the end, with the hopes of being able to retreive a wire from the fixture. Make sure wire is long enough, when you are down far enough, try twisting to catch a wire. Pull slowly. If you do "catch" the wires, bring hook to fixture opening. Have a tool (needle nose pliers)on hand to be able to get the fixture back to where you can work on it. Only caveat is you may "catch" something you don't want!. May work if you can't remove a panel somewhere to get access. Good luck!


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if the wire does not work, look at the bulkhead, look at the screws with those pretty plastic covers, start unscrewing ( hope u own an electric screwdriver ) make note of the length of the screws and put them back in the same place.

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