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496 Impeller Change

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Well The Toddler is almost awake. Uncovered it yesterday and changed the impeller. Three years ago it took 2 of us 4 hours, this time a little less than 2.5 hours.

Hawks Score !!!! :D


I aways disconnect the hatch and prop it open a little more.


I removed the battery trays and CC exhaust tube. Makes it easier to get in there.

Take belt off

climb in hole

Disconnect the red supply hose (pull pin) loosen return hose clamp forward of tee.

Remove the tension pulley, 2 - 10mm bolts

2 nuts on pump, 2 bolts on tension pulley bracket remove bracket (two different sizes can't remember)

Slide pump forward remove the small(1/8") bypass lines from pump. (pain)

fish pump out............(more Pain)(Bandaid)

there are 7 bolts .....6 on the pump, 1 on the pulley bracket

Pull out old impeller, Dish soap on inside of pump, zip-tie on new impeller, insert back into housing 1/4 inch or so, aline shaft cut tie, rubber mallet to tap in.

Fish pump back in

line up supply hoses, set pump on studs attach bypass lines, slide on.

Lay 3 towels across top of engine, lay across engine so you can reach the water supply hose under engine.

attach and tighten the water supply hoses (I've done this twice its the only way to get 2 hands in there)(pain)

Climb back in hole

slide on tension pulley bracket, tighten pump and bracket

Attach tension pulley

put belt on

Reattach CC exhaust tube, battery trays, take out hatch prop and reconnect hatch to motor.

Kings Score :o

This IMO takes 2 people, It takes 2 to lift the hatch higher, and somebody to hand you the tools (Beers). :drink-buddy:

Thanks to all the posts from 3-4 years ago about this on the forum. Great refresher. I thought I'd just bump it up.

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LOL! I do mine myself just take my time. Since I've DONE IT SO MANY TIME NOW, I've gotten used to it!! Definitely prop the hatch up, remove exhaust hose, batteries, trim pump! It's a PITA but it's getting easier!

Yep, I did mine by myself last time but would have really liked a couple more hands, especially re tightening the pump belt.

I think I'm going to remove the rear seat this next time as the engine really fills the compartment.

The zip tie works great for this, especially if you get it in and one flap is facing the wrong direction. Those things have a mind of their own.

The last time it was a necessity because my plastic cap broke. With those heat cycles and the torque on the cap, it's just a matter of how long before they become too brittle.

Nice write up Matt.

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