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New to Trim Tabs - How do you adjust yours ?

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Mine adjust from 0-20. If rough water, I'll drop both down to 6-10 depending on how rough and then use my engine trim if necessary to drop the nose down even more if necessary.

If smooth water, I run my port side trim down 3-6 depending on my load starting out. With the engine revolution direction, I get a bit of twist and the port side tab helps to level that out.

Once cruising over 50 or so, I'll trim it up to 2-4 at best.

I think once you play with them a bit, you'll find the best settings for your particular boat and probably not modify too much as it can get pretty tedious.

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I adjust mine strickly on "feel" as the angle of the control plate doesn't allow line of site to the led indicator without bending way over. If I have a heavy load on the port side, I'll adjust the starboard side with the "down" control. If rough water, both controls go "down" until the bow pushes through the chop in a smooth(er) fashion.

It's not immediately intuitive on how they operate, but after you figure out if the boat is listing to the port side you need the starboard side to go "down" to level out the boat. It will become instinctive after you play with it a while. For me, if smooth water and even load, I don't use them at all. Just remember, when you turn the key off, they will fully retract to the zero postion and will need to be reset.

Nice addition by the way, you will be very happy with your investment.

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it becomes a "feel" type thing. I don't have a gage so I drop them down when coming on play, then bring them up as the boat planes out. Depending on the water condition, how people are sitting on the boat, the wind, etc. I will move them around. I basically keep them most of the way up unless the water is choppy. And if I have uneven load on the boat I'll drop 1 down to compensate. I also will adjust if the wind is blowing hard abeam.

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