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327 SSX new project TV to offshore without generator

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So this week I was planning on converting my TV that ran on AC (directly to the panel) only on shore power to AC plugged into a DC inverter. Simple right? Well I was fortunate enough last year to have a lighter adapter installed into the galley wall by the AC outlet. This trimmed off hours of my project. Next I removed the 4 screws holding in the wood frame that supports the TV and when I tilted the TV forward the cable connector busted off the TV. So now my dilemma was either to bring it to a local repair shop to get fixed and probably have to wait days or go buy another TV that fit in the same location. SInce I didnt want to have stuff all over the place for the holiday weekend I opted to buy another TV. No luck finding the 26 inch LG LED that was there so I had to take the dimensions and find similar. I havent shopped for TV's lately and I come to find that anything under 32 inches is not really stocked in the stores these days. I wound up getting a 29 inch Samsung that was a half inch wider and seem to fit fine. Next I was able to slip the power cable and HDMI cable (kids need video games too) between the wall and counter top. Once cables were in I slid them all the way to the left of the counter near the AC outlet. I then mounted a 400w invert on the countertop with hard velcro. So now while on shore I still can use the AC outlet for the TV but when off shore I can move plug to inverter and power up. Here are some other neat things I did during this installation. For Xmas my kids gave me this google chromecast gadget which I could really find no use for. I plugged this into the HDMI port 2 on the TV and then connected it thru wifi to my cell "hotspot". This allows me to stream netflix, hulu or any of my FIOS services to watch directly on this TV. I know you are saying this is a boat and why are you rigging up the inside. I have a 12 and 13 year old that sometimes they just want to hang but have the niceties of home. Also cool when docking up remotely for a few nights. I will take picture and post soon. Let me know if you have any questions

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