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New pinstriping writeup w pics

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One of the few exterior cosmetic blemishes on my boat when I bought it was the 2004 pinstriping. It was cracked and faded and looked like crap, and they really weren't that straight from the factory either. Rich from Dealers Choice Marine in Orlando happened to have the proper Black 1/2" and Gold 1/4" pinstripes that are currently discontinued from Chap. He also sent both rolls to me as they are about an hour away.....I didnt even buy my Chap there, but they have some great service.

Original Pinstripes


After a very difficult 1.5hrs with a hairdryer and fingernails and credit card.....I was not looking forward to even thinking about how hard it would be to get the adhesive off.


Then I checked the Googlemachine and found this gem from an auto forum.....the Eraser Wheel. This has to be the BEST $15 tool that I have EVER BOUGHT!!!!! Its literally a big pencil eraser on a wheel and competely safe on gelcoat and paint. It took the remaining pinstripe AND glue off in a fraction of the time. I'm impatient and like to see fast results and this tool satisfied. It was so easy.




I then cleaned the gelcoat with some laquer getting all the wax n polish off and laid some painters tape as a guide for the 1/4" gold stripe that would go on first.


After laying the gold stripe, I then pulled the painters tape off and decided to lay a 1/8" silver pinstripe from Autozone as a guide for the black stripe that would go on next. I forgot a picture, but I put a few inches of the 1/8 stripe every few feet as a guide and that was enough to do the rest by eye.

Finished product



All in all it wasn't too bad a project, especially after I bought the Eraser wheel. And while being slow and careful, I think my stripes came out way better than the factory.

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Nice job! Looks factory..

btw- Speaking of "Pinstripes". I wonder if that eraser works on clothing! I need to erase the name "Rodriguez" !

Hahaha touche'!!!! Im tellin ya what though.....Jeter is out soon, and guess who used to be considered a superior SS before moving to 3rd base???? And who coincidentally dropped his suit against MLB within a week of Dereks retiremement announcement? Things that make you go hmmmmm.
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Wouldn't that be something! No doubt he's got some game left in him but he will turn 40 next year.. I get a sense he would transition into the DH role more so than starting infielder. We'll see how 40 year old Mr. Rodriguez does huh?

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