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waste tank corroded through ('99 Signature)

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I've owned my '99 240 Signature since new. This spring I had a bit of a surprise as I went to get ready for launch- the waste tank has corroded through at the seams. Has anyone else seen or heard of this happening before? It's a fresh-water boat and the only thing that's ever been added to the system is RV tank deodorizer.

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Thanks, Foghorn, haven't been here in a while, I'll have a look. Yes, that was the manufacturer and I have a snapshot of the label. My local parts guy (who was the Chaparral dealer, but is no longer) doesn't have anything and seemed surprised to hear about the issue.

Did you replace with plastic? Do you know of any after-market or RV parts that might work? Other than the waste-level indicator (which has never seemed to work, anyway) - the connections seem pretty straight-forward. Almost any tank would work if it'd endure the pump-out vacuum.

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Update (if anyone still cares)- bought a plastic tank from West Marine, installation was straight-forward, worked fine.

Again- it's been a while since I've been here, and perusing the forum I find it amusing when people refer to '07s as "older boats". I bought my Signature new in '99 and 18 years later- still holdin' up. :) 

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