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Sunesta 254 vs 264

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Not sure this is a case of 2-foot-itis.

My 254 is actually a pretty big boat when it comes to being trailer-able.

The 256 SSi and 256 SSx are just 4 inches longer

The new 257 is 7" shorter.

The 264 is only 3" longer than my 254.

So, I guess when it comes down to it, if I prefer to have a trailer-able bow rider, I am kind of at the limit of OAL.

Further, the Sunesta layout really seems to work well with two families on board, especially the beamy bow. Visits to boat shows confirm that for me, when comparing the current SSi models to the Sunestas.

However, one thing I'd like to improve on is the ride of my boat.

We're spending a lot of time on the Chesapeake. It's a massive body of water. A big block would go a long way to decreasing travel time between marina and our favorite swim spots. But the Chesapeake can get choppy and can produce some sizable rolling waves pretty frequently. Not to mention lots of wake action from big boats. I have to cut throttle often to deal with these conditions, even with my trim tabs fully down.

How much better of a ride does the 4 degrees of extra deadrise produce on the 264 vs the 254? Anyone do a back to back comparison?

Would be nice to motor at a more constant speed.

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I can't speak for the 264 but we have a 257 and from what I learned from Shepherd the hull bottoms are the same (http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=25895). Compared to my 2330 which had almost as much hull surface on the water (it was 23' 8" and all of that was full length running surface). The 257 has at least a foot of it's 25' 6" length that is platform without running surface below it. So the 257 is max 10" longer running surface, probably more like 6" or 8", and it rides MUCH, MUCH better. Specifically it does not pound where the 2330 would. It lands very softly.

I also boat on the upper Chesapeake (Susquehanna, Elk, Bohemia, Sassafrass, & Still Pond) and if you like we can meet up on the water, swap rides on and off, and you can see for yourself what the exact difference is :)

I did that with my buddies Chap 230 SSi and we learned a lot. JLMK.

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Very interesting, Bill. I didn't know about the hull design crossover. That certainly makes me more comfortable looking at current Sunestas if they can cut through waves as well as the SSx line.

We're at Triton Marina on the Elk River and spend time on the Bo, Fishing Battery Island, and, less frequently, Still Pond. We love Still Pond, but the distance and potential for chop took the bloom off that rose.

I may just take you up on your very generous offer. I'll drop you a PM when the time look optimum for test driving. Thanks for that, it's a unique opportunity!

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