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I have a '07 190 SSI I just bought last week. During the test run I checked the bilge and I heard it come on. This past weekend we got caught in one of those afternoon thunder showers and the boat got a little water in it. I flipped the bilge switch and nothing happened. I noticed that the light wasn't on the switch so I reset the breaker. Still nothing. First question, where is this thing located? I can't find it anywhere and I suppose it's behind the motor. Has anyone changed it and if so how? Pics would be nice. I'm sure there are some wires exposed since the breaker keeps tripping. Any info is appreciated!!

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It's not easy to access but I'd first check the float switch to see if that works. You would see the switch light come on if there's power running thru that switch. It too, should be located on the bilge floor near the pump.

Pretty common to have these pumps freeze up with water down there regularly and sitting for years without use with the inexpensive bearings they use.

I kick mine on regularly just to spin to be sure it's still free. Not a bad thing to do frequently.

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