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Frank K

Two alarm beeps and loss of power while cruising, what is going on? Help!

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Cruising nicely all day in my 2007 256 SSI with VP 8.1 with 240 hrs. Was at 30 mph on flatwater 3000 RPMs when all of a sudden I get one audible alarm and sudden partial loss of power and a second alarm beep and then I would throttle back. Engine still idled fine no problems so I continued cruising. At end day went WOT (couldn't resist it was so beautiful and unusually flat) and no repeat problem.

This is the second time this season this has happened. The first time I thought perhaps a fluke. Perhaps something got hung up in the water intake for a second. In both cases I watched all gauges were normal.

This boat is maintained exclusively by the mechanics at my marina. This year had drive shaft seals repaired (leaking) and also impeller replaced. All normal maintenance year in and year out including drive services when needed.

Could this be an impeller problem?

It is very murky and shallow near my marina. ( Up on northern tip of Elk River in Maryland). But I have been dragging through the silt and crawling back into the marina at low tide for many years in the past. What is going on this year?

All help is appreciated! I have seen all the posts regarding audible alarms on this forum.

Thank you all and hope your remaining summer continues with safe and great boating

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