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Volvo 5.0 GXi fuel pump whine/surging

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I am lucky, the last day of the week long vacation the fuel pump on our 2005 220 ssi decided to be a pain (at least it wasn't day 1)

The symptoms are a screaming and extremely hot high pressure pump, surging at cruise, and run fines at idle. Doing reading it sounds like it could be anything from paint chips, clogged water line, who knows. I checked my fuel/water filter and nothing but clean gas. My first instinct was to replace only the high pressure pump, but others made mention it could be the low pressure also.

Any one with similar issue? What did you do?

Boat has 143 hours. Should it go high pressure only, or complete assembly?

I have heard people pull their pumps apart and clean them, not sure that is where I want to go if it is considered non-serviceable.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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