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On the verge of buying either a 1995 Sunesta 250 or a 1997 Sunesta 252.

The 1995 250 has a VP 7.4 has a Duo Prop and is $3,500 more than the 1997 252 which has a VP 5.7 with a single prop. They both seem to be in good condition although the 250 has all the original canvas, while the 252 only has the bimini; the rest of the canvas was misplaced.

Also, the 250 seems to have a slightly different hull being a 16 degree deadrise versus the 252 which is a 15 degree deadrise. This is true even within a model year, for example in 1997 the deadrise is still 15 for the 252 and 16 for the 250.

If you are familiar with both the 250 and the 252, please give me an opinion on which way you would go and why.


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Thank you all for the input. I probably should have added another important piece of information. I am nine hours in one direction and nine hours in the completely opposite direction from either boat. I have not personally seen them, but have had the owners send current pictures of them to me.

I will not buy either boat without at least having a mechanic check it out. In the one case, the 252, it will be next to impossible to get a test drive right now that since the boat is already wrapped for winter. So whereas I will test the mechanics of the boat etc. based on how the owners are telling me that they run, and the pictures, they appear to be in similar condition.

I live in Western New York. I have bought boats from Kentucky, Houston, California, and New Jersey. In each case I bought a boat that I wanted that was not available locally. These particular Sunesta's are not common around here. So before I invest at least a full weekend in either case, I thought I would ask in the forum to see if anybody knew these particular models, and these engine combinations, and can offer an opinion on how they would expect them to run, assuming they work as they should.

I would like to know why with two boats so similar, they have different design hulls. The 15° deadrise versus the 16° deadrise. From the brochure, it does not appear that the 252 is merely a luxury version of the 250. Also, the big block engine with the duo prop, versus the 5.7 engine with a single prop. Clearly if working properly, the big block should outperform the. 5.7 in terms of acceleration and top speed. But plenty of these boats are sold with 5.0's and 5.7. If somebody is familiar with this hull design and weight, is the big black a pure win, or is the additional gas it would consume such a detriment that they personally would preferred not to have it.

Thank you again to those who have replied here. I assure you, I will have the boat checked out, and will not buy one that both the local mechanic and I do not feel is running properly. I look forward to some more help as I come down to the final decision. Thanks.

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