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Richard W

This forum needs more action ... or somebody wanted some pictures ... :)

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Looks like a fabulous place to boat. When we went up to Ogdensburg to pick up the boat, we saw the Lawrence River and I was blown away at how huge it was. The fellow's house/dealership is right on the water and I was surprised when he told me "that's Canada on the other side" and so I asked him where's the border considered and the said right down the middle of the river!

That one picture with that steam ship cruiser probably is an example of how choppy it can get even on a large river/lake. It almost looks like the ocean. I've seen photos of the Great Lakes and you would think it was the coastal area of some ocean/land. It came with sand and beaches and white caps! Unbelievable.

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It is a great place to boat, and the rest of Great Lakes as well. We were thinking about buying a replacement boat somewhere South of NJ on the East Coast but after spending last 4 weeks on and off the water around here we are reevaluating our plans. The ICW does not sound that appealing anymore. We still need a bigger boat for around here, and a winter place somewhere South.

The choppy water picture was taken at the beginning of StLR near Kingston ON, so was the one below taken last year on the other side of Kingston facing the open waters on port side in a distance. The winds in both pictures were only 10 knots or less.


BTW, more pictures to come ... we are still on the water, the last week/weekend cruising, some beautifully weather. Tomorrow we might swing by Clayton NY to see if we can spot the one eye monster there ... :)

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Very nice. That pic looks like you're heading out to open ocean and across to another continent.

It was 81 degrees here, yesterday. Very rare for a late September day in New England and today it's going up to 84 which is predicted to be a record. It's 7:40am and we're off for a long day on the water today, also. Hopefully the waters will be as calm as they were in this pic, yesterday.








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