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Don't know what to say here.....

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Some sad news from my world...... My boat "Aways and Forever" was torched by an arsonist very early this morning.

I had taken it to the lake yesterday morning and parked it in the lighted parking area next to the Ranger's office. Was going to take the camper down this afternoon and stay there til Thursday... that is, until the sheriff department called at 2am telling me that my boat was aflame and fully involved.

Feel like I have lost my best friend.


The investigating officer is sure it was a random act of arson.

I don't think I can restore her again....

Goodbye old friend....

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would anyone do that to your boat??? Wow that is horrible. I feel your pain because I have been working so hard to restore my boat...If someone did this I don't know what I'd do...I'm SOOOO sorry for your loss man!

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Rich, as an older boat owner I share your labors of love and pain. No amount of money can ease the pain or replace the memories. I know she will be missed dearly. I'm from the Toledo area, where was she at when it happened? Regards, Denny.


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Rich, sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved boat especially under the circumstances you describe. Unfortunately there is a segment of our society that have no respect for hard working folks property. Rest assured the karma train will crash into the person(s) who did this terrible act. Good luck with your insurance claim. Keep us posted...........Cheap Sunglasses B)

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Thanks so much for your condolences. Really appreciated.

She was parked at the Alum Creek State Park (and lake) campground office. There is a large 2-3 acre paved, lighted parking lot right next to the Ranger's office which is used for overflow parking. When I go camping for an extended period (like I had planned to do this week), I'll take the boat down the day before and then follow with the camper the next day. The rangers all know me and my boat since I was a volunteer there one year and also I'm there so much. The ranger told me last night that this is the first such incident that he remembers.

The state arson team was there yesterday (Sunday) and the BoatUS team is supposed to be there today. As far as "evidence" to identify and prosecute with, probably not gonna happen. No cameras in the area and the time of day (approx. 2am) so no witnesses. Park ranger found it. It was fully involved bow to stern like someone had tossed a fire bomb into it and lit it.

Again guys, thanks so much for your concerns and thoughts.


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