What are some cool modifications you've done to your boat?

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Hey all, Newbie Chris here. 2002 Chaparral 230 SSI. We're a young family and it's our first boat. We are in northern Minnesota.

Two requirements we absolutely didn't have were the porta potty and sink. I've taken the porta potty out and made the enclosure a comfortable (and warm) spot for the kiddos. I'm happy with leaving it at that, although I'll have to figure out a way to prevent my two year old from turning down the volume on the aftermarket stereo inside!

That leaves the sink. The most creative thing my friends and family have offered is to use it as an ice bucket for white wine and bubbly when entertaining guests. Yeah, okay, I can't wait to take advantage of that twice a year and, oh yeah, there's a cooler right below it. I've thought about trying to transform it into a workstation that could extend to the captains chair for those work-from-boat days. I've thought about transforming it into a sub woofer enclosure. That's as far as my imagination has taken me. Right now, it just holds my tie ropes which is about as unimaginative as it gets.

Any brilliant ideas out there?! Much appreciated!

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